Parenting Classes

BabyTalkClassBaby Talk (Prenatal)Classes

Baby Talk is a series of four prenatal classes for expecting parents or other caregivers. All classes are free and are offered at the Decatur Morgan Hospital Parkway Campus.

  • Is “everyday” nutrition different than nutrition during pregnancy?
  • What changes will happen to my body during pregnancy?
  • What does a Labor and Delivery room look like?
  • What birth control method is best for me after my pregnancy?
  • Why is breastfeeding good for my baby?
  • What is swaddling and how is it good for my baby?

Gifts are provided at each class, and a baby shower is given at the end of each session.


Cribs for Kids-Helping every baby sleep safer

Cribs for Kids is a program designed to educate parents and caregivers about safe sleep in order to reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The ABC’S of safe sleep include sleeping: Alone, on their Back, and in an uncluttered Crib. People who make an appointment to watch a safe sleep video, present a picture I.D., and fill out a brief survey can qualify for a free pack ‘n play, which is designated as a safe sleep environment.


Parenting ClassKids & You Parenting Class

The Kids & You parenting series provides the only free parenting classes available in the community. Many families who contact PACT are distressed by lack of parenting support. These classes offer that support. There are 8- 2 hour sessions and if offered only on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm and childcare available.

Topics covered include:

  • Does PARENTING stress you out?
  • Discipline / Punishment – What is the difference?
  • What are the secrets of having a healthy family?
  • What are the safety concerns for each stage in my child’s life?

 For more information call our office at 256-355-7252