Founder Gail HurstIn the mid 70’s, Gail Hurst was deeply moved by an atrocious story of child abuse that happened in Tennessee. A young girl died as the result of the abuse. The story touched Gail’s heart as the young girl pictured reminded her of one of her own daughters, who happened to be the same age of the child.  Gail thought surely something could be done to protect children.  The results of her actions would have been impossible to foretell. The history of PACT is truly a testament to the idea that one person can make a difference.  Gail “got the ball rolling” and was not afraid to ask her friends and neighbors for help.  The final result of her initial work is Parents & Children Together Family Resource Center.  PACT was founded in 1978 and was one of the first comprehensive child abuse prevention agencies in the Southeast.

Naomi Griffith, long-time friend of Gail’s and previous Executive Director of PACT, wrote a beautiful history of PACT. Her work can be accessed through the link below. Please take a moment to read Naomi Griffith’s “Evolution of An Agency”.