Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Morgan County by preventing child abuse and neglect through empowering individuals and families to create a healthy interdependence by means of strengths-based programs including parent education, direct services, public awareness and school programs which are based on on-going assessment of community needs.

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In the mid 70’s, Gail Hurst was deeply moved by an atrocious story of child abuse that happened in Tennessee. A young girl died as the result of the abuse. The story touched Gail’s heart as the young girl pictured reminded her of one of her own daughters, who happened to be the same age of the child. Gail thought surely something could be done to protect children. The results of her actions would have been impossible to foretell. The history of PACT is truly a testament to the idea that one person can make a difference. Gail “got the ball rolling” and was not afraid to ask her friends and neighbors for help. The final result of her initial work is Parents & Children Together Family Resource Center. PACT was founded in 1978 and was one of the first comprehensive child abuse prevention agencies in the Southeast.

Naomi Griffith, long-time friend of Gail’s and previous Executive Director of PACT, wrote a beautiful history of PACT. Her work can be accessed through the link below. Please take a moment to read Naomi Griffith’s “Evolution of An Agency”.

Speaking Opportunities


PACT employees are available to make presentations regarding a variety of parenting topics, child abuse and neglect or information about PACT projects. These programs are often offered at local churches, civic and service organizations and PTA meetings. It a privilege for PACT to participate in any opportunity that allows us to strengthen the families of Morgan County.

Volunteers Are Our Greatest Asset

PACT has many rewarding opportunities available to our volunteers. We offer complete training in each area, and our volunteers always agree that they receive as much benefit from their services as they deliver.

Year Round Opportunities

  • child care for parenting classes, and as needed for the agency
  • compiling Newborn packets of literature
  • folding materials and stamping envelopes
  • teach budgeting, home or car maintenance classes
  • provide services to PACT program participants - legal, dental, optometry, automotive repair or maintenance

Short Term or Group Projects

  • baby shower gifts for Baby Talk class participants
  • assist with group meetings - organize recreational activity, provide entertainment, keep nursery during a meeting
  • provide refreshments for group meeting

All interested volunteers must complete a volunteer application delivered in person to the PACT Family Resource Center.


It is PACT's friendly staff and volunteers who help families in a caring environment. PACT will work with families by providing needed services. We will also contact other agencies for families needing their help.

Anyone living in Morgan County may participate. The Family Resource Center serves parents, grandparents, couples, singles, teens and children. PACT can help all families.

Our services are free! All of PACT's activities and opportunities offered to families and individuals are free. PACT also works with other agencies that come to our center to provide services free of charge. We are committed to making sure that families receive the services they need.

It is easy! Just call (256) 355-7252. Participation is voluntary. Call today and find out how PACT can provide information, support and comprehensive care that can make family life better.

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