First Grade Program

YellowDino1stgradeprogTricky People

Yello Dyno defines and exposes Tricky People and corrects the outdated concept of Stranger Danger

The Three Core Fundamentals

  • Identify deceptive behavior
  • Restore instincts and feelings
  • Build self confidence

All program materials are delivered in a non-fearful manner, utilizing a musical based format, which helps enhance understanding and retention.

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Third Grade Program

PuppetShow3rdgradeprogBetter Safe Than Sorry

Children learn simple straightforward tools to protect themselves, to recognize that they are valuable and they deserve to be safe.

The Three Core Fundamentals

  • What is abuse
  • Telling someone even if an abuser is someone you know
  • Bullying, taunting and teasing are all forms of peer abuse

The program materials are presented in the format of a puppet show entitled “There is Someone to Talk To”, followed by an interactive discussion.